My Quick (almost) Authentic Pizza


I get a little hungry in the middle of the afternoon and the nice part of working at home is having the ability to make a quick snack anytime I have a chance! In this case it also helps fill the creative void of not having a model to shoot. This is a blog about passion is it not? and one of my passions is food. I am so glad eating isn’t a chore like mowing the lawn!

I also love to cook and over the years have spent some time working in the kitchen and cooking for a few hundred people every once an awhile. ( I wonder if I can write this meal off?) Anyway one of my little snacks I developed a few years ago and I have been using at impromptu dinner parties or late night treats is a pizza using Naan Bread.

This is a simple recipe that really only takes few minutes to assemble and about 10-15 to cook. I use a Suraj Naan Bread that I found in the local Superstore, I have used it for years when cooking curries and it preforms very nicely as an artisan style pizza shell.


The pizza sauce is store bought as well you can make your own, I use tomatoes, onions, garlic and puree with some basil. When I use the store bought sauce I add some fresh basil.


A light layer of sauce is all you need I place the naan on a cookie sheet, with extra virgin olive oil.

The cheese is the most important for me. If you are really gonna try this it I really, really strongly suggest finding a fresh mozzarella with a high moisture content. I know this isn’t something most would buy but you need to really try this just once and when you do sauce and cheese is a must. I cannot stress this enough make yourself one with just cheese and sauce you will flip out! The cheese I use has a 60% moisture rating and is my favourite.


As you can see you can just slice a few pieces and place them spread out on the naan and place in the oven 425 for 10-15 minutes or until the cheese bubbles and turns light brown.

DSC_8443 DSC_8436
You can put anything on your pizza but keep in mind that when Italians make pizzas it often after a celebration or wedding and they are using the left-overs. These ingredients are the of high caliber and really make the pizza taste amazing. I would do things like roasted chicken, or smoked salmon, shrimp and capers or sliced peppers and italian sausage.

I like to finish with some shaved parmasian and basil and brush the edges with olive oil!



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