Travelling Sometimes Means Waiting :(

I am in the abandoned waiting area at the BC Ferries Terminal feeling like that guy who lived in the airport! I had just missed the 5pm sailing to Victoria by a minute. So close that my ticket even say 5pm on it, now what! Well after watching the ferry leave I made the connections with my contacts on the other side informing them of the new timeline. Then I took the time to clear out the files from my laptop from previous shoots to make room for the images I will capture tonight. 5:45 people start to arrive for the 7pm sailing a young boy just to my left has asked his mother if he could hold his ticket now 17 times and I after a constant “No” he has switched to can I get something to drink. Time to put the headphones on. Help me Enya!

Todays trip is an overnighter in Victoria, BC, one of the prettiest cities I have been to. I love shooting there for a few reasons. The architecture is fantastic, so much history. For those who do not know Victoria is the capital city and houses the many parliament and government building as well as many older hotels, shops, cobblestone streets and even castle of two. The other reason I enjoy spendong time there is the people I have had the pleasure of meeting since I started going over for shoots. The many models and photographers that I have met or corresponded with all have a slightly different vibe than those on the mainland. Call it island life but there is just an easygoing way about these folks that I truly enjoy.

Tonights shoot will be downtown Victoria and will involve a few photographer I have yet to meet as well as some models I have been speaking with for sometime. I can still see that little boys mouth moving as he talks to his mom but it’s much nicer now that it looks like he’s singing along with Enya. (Note to self never ever forget headphones) The shoot will hopefully involve bright city lights, rain soaked shimmering streets as well as some amazing people willing to travel from as far away as Naniamo to meet me. After the shoot there is a shoot party being hosted by my mate Scott, where other models, photogs, makeup artists and industry people will gather to socialize, learn, play and shoot. These socials are a casual event that help break the ice and allow for some great networking. I am looking forward to spending time with like minded people who have a passion for the trade. Checking the texts and emails updating with contacts and blogging helps the time go by nicely. 6:15 now might close my eyes for a few minutes since the next 8-10 hours will soon be over and I will be dragging my tired up all night body back to wait for the ferry home.

A few of the people I had the pleasure of working with this trip! Thanks for looking and thank you to all the models who were brave enough to hang with me till 2am shooting downtown!










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