Where do you get these girls?

I was asked this a few times after my shoot with model Tay in Hawaii. I’m not quite sure what people think when it comes to selecting or meeting models. It’s almost like they believe that beautiful “model” type ladies are hidden in a secret place and only allowed out on full moons.DSC_5491

The truth is I am always looking. When ever I travel I try to connect with local photographers and models to help soften the shock of a new world. I use Facebook and Model Mayhem to make connections and set up meetings. I post casting calls on local FB model pages and search MM for models in the area I’m traveling to. Once I make contact with a model who is interested in shooting with me I add them to a private FB group that allows me to inform them about my travel plans and shoot requirements. Working with social media is a huge plus as we can discuss all the details and even send photos for locations and wardrobe or makeup styles. When I got to Hawaii i spoke with Tay letting her know what I was looking for in terms of locations and she directed me to some killer spot. The bonus of having someone like this to work with allowed me to travel directly to a spot the day before and scout out the space check the lighting and get comfortable with what I needed to do to get the shots I wanted.DSC_5287

I also get models locally by having a stack of cards with me and approaching them and introducing myself. I ask them to take a look at my work and if they are interested, to contact me. Friends and other models often suggest people I may want to work with and of course my portfolio does attract some interest. I have given them out while shopping at the drive-thro even at weddings.

I have a trip coming up next week to Victoria this will be the third time over this year. A good friend and Victoria based photographer Scott Fraser has set up a small social/shoot event timed for my visit, this is always cool as it allows me a place to meet new models he has worked with, as well as connect with others I have shot. In turn I have hosted traveling shooters and models as well. Its so nice to have time to get to know the models over dinner plot out our shoots and network.


So “How do I find these girls?” I look hard, I have friends connect me with them and they find me. The combination of all of the above seems to work for well for me.

Oh if you know anyone that I should be shooting send me a email or FB message, likewise if you are traveling through the Fraser Valley and would like to spend some time together please contact me! I’m always looking meet great people with a passion for life! 🙂

Credits: Model: Tay Hoover If you are travelling to the Big Island and would like to have Tay source out some locations or line up some models for please contact her directly.


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