Leaving on a Jet Plane

I’m off to the Big Island for a week of shooting I’d thought I’d give you a little bit of a post with what I take with me and how I get it there when traveling! The first consideration is how long am I going to be there? or more importantly how many photos am I planning on taking? For this trip I have an idea that Kona will have some stuff to shoot. I have set up some model shoots while there as well. That said I will be taking an external hard drive knowing that I will want to back up and have multiple  options. I will take a 1tb drive for that purpose. It will travel in my suitcase as weight for carryon is limited I will also pack my tripod in my suit case along with my 5 in reflector. I like to have the back up option of burning my RAW files to DVD as well just for peace of mind, that way I have my laptop and external drive and DVD backup. DSC_1503

For my main gear I use a ThinkTank® Airport Airsteam®, a compact roller camera bag. This bag is a god send not just for traveling but for everyday usage. It has become my main bag and handles itself well in all my shoots from weddings to confrences as well as location fashion shoots.

DSC_1504I can carry my two bodies ,a flash and multiple lenses, cables, chargers as well as my laptop. One of the nicest features is the is the TSA lock. The bag can be checked in not that I’d ever want to, but in that case the locks can be opened by airport security if the back needed to be inspected. Its much nicer than having it cut open 🙂 or having to go meet customs agents when you land. DSC_1505The other great feature is the support you get from ThinkTank®. Each bag has a unique security ID plate that allows your lost or stolen bag to be returned just by registering it with ThinkTank®.DSC_1506Once i reach my destination i can attach my tripod to the side and I’m off and running.

It really is all about weight i could use a bigger bag or even put more into this one but the weight increase would force me to check it in and I’d much rather be able to see my livelihood at all times knowing that I can get off the plane and shoot right away with everything I need. Even If my luggage ends up in New York! Renting or borrowing a tripod is much less expensive than two bodies and lenses.

See you when I get there!


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