Point Me In The Right Direction

One of my favorite photo jokes is about the preconception of great equipmemt = great images. In my “imagemakers” group we have professionals and beginners all sharing themed based work and yes there are point and shoot people there too! It wasn’t that long ago that my primary ditigal camera was a sony point and shoot!DSC_1493 I had to go find it in the back of the kitchen junk drawe to take this photo This camera accompanied me for years and thousands of miles and was never my most desirable camera but it was the best one I could afford at the time. The point is this little workhorse afforded me the chance to shoot share and grow. It gave me the ablity to think like a photographer and improve things like composition and lighting. It had a full manual setting which gave me the control I wanted and the biggest reason I bought it. Well the biggest reason was that I was about to get married and needed a camera to take on our honeymoon. Here are a few images taken with the Sony sometime between 2005-2007 when I recieved my first DSLR193786_10150154752480823_3881771_o 170563_10150092627570823_3725001_o 175669_10150092626620823_7647520_o 210514_10150154752720823_1587101_o 202047_10150154752615823_2997288_o

The joke goes something like this. A photog goes to a dinner party and the hostess who he is meeting for the first time compliments his work and says “you have amazing images.. you must have a very nice camera? he smiles and says nothing. After dinner he smiles and complements the hostess on the magnificent meal ending with”you must have a terrific oven? Remember “shoot what you got” and create, share and grow! to see more of my Sony images check out my older flickr shots , each image has the camera info on it iI think you might be suprised with some of the point and shoot captures. You can also join us at the imagemakers group on facebook 


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