2013 Starts with a blah!

So it’s just under a week before I am in Hawaii shooting and I have been sick for the past week with a flu. I have managed to make use of my time in bed and awake by somewhat managing my websites and organizing my unpredictable future. Here are a few images from my New Years Eve at Wise Hall, a great event featuring two hip bands and a dancer.

537873_10151197016425823_1796330935_n-1 540797_10151197016570823_1978961447_n 483920_10151197014855823_1223090192_n 483285_10151197014995823_413637796_n 379427_10151197015045823_1590055972_n 16820_10151197015155823_1624481853_n 184452_10151197015220823_832338159_n 388190_10151197015550823_1209168382_n 284867_10151197015890823_345433107_n 531207_10151197015915823_1099124969_n 394916_10151197016030823_590175309_n 397765_10151197016325823_1350885109_n


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