A Change is Coming

Well technically the change has already happened, it just isn’t ready for the reveal yet. The new name and look of the blog well thats part of it. the really cool thing is the change in format and content. For some time now I have been wondering what to do with this blog! For the longest time it sat unedited and only when I really applied myself did I ever make anything super neat! I must admit it is nice to come see my photos in a bit of a themed setting, but even then the same is so under utilized. well that brings us to a few months back when I realized that I wanted to do some portraits unlike the work I was currenly doing. I wanted to create some images that showed the character of the subject, that helped tell a story about who they had become and more importanly how they had come to have the passion for life! I wanted to make images that shared the lifes of the many passionate people I know and have yet to know….I hope you will enjoy this blog as much as I will creating the images next month I will introduce yiu to my first two subjects – I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with them as they explained there work both of whom have spent the better part of 40 years to get to where they are now. One a potter and the other a bonsai crafter two very different men working symbiotically

In the interim if you know of someone who has a creative or passionate hobby, pastime or vocation please drop me a note at life@peterclassen.com



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