It’s right there in Black & White!

When I first started shooting seriously about 20 years ago,  I shot black & white film. There were a few reasons why, first of all the digital camera did not exist yet, the medium was cheaper to process that color and Ansel Adams, he blew my mind with his work! I was very lucky to be surrounded by some talented people who shared a larger understand of the craft than I did and they openned my eyes to the unlimited offerings of b&w shooting.

I could easily turn this into one of those “back in the day” stories as there were many moments  that helped me define my artistic likes. But this is about now and moving forward. The fact is the more I shoot the more I realize my love for b&w images still grows and those masters I worshipped “back in the day” helped get me here! People like  Robert DoisneauEd FeingershCharles C. Ebbets. Now artists like Joel Tjintjelaar give me that same urge to run away with my camera and just shoot! Now that I have finally acquired the tools to help me move closer to days of film you will see much more b&w work here! thanks Ansel. And maybe just maybe I’ll take a roll of film out soon!


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