Thanks for looking!

In  May of this year I launched my current website, it has been a journey of trial and well many other things. The idea that people would take the time to view my work and continue to support my efforts, really didn’t dawn on me until now. Now the experts say  don’t count”views”or “hits” or “likes” or FB friends, but it’s hard not to notice a number like 10,000. It’s just a great BIG number for a little guy (figuratively speaking that is) doing what he loves. 

By no means do I think 10,000 people have come to look at  sight, but the people that have, have done so almost 10,000 times (9,931 views all-time as off 11:41am this morning)

I wanted to celebrate and do something amazing or crazy or take 10,000 pictures on the day I hit the big number! I wanted to come up with some great thank you gesture, but then I realized that the day would be today, so much for the grand display of  gratitude! No balloons, clowns, face-painting, bouncy castles or cake.:(

I must say I was disappointed in myself for not acting sooner, plus I love cake! Then I realized this afternoon I have a photo shoot that will have all of the above. It’s a birthday party for Kodi, who turns one. Okay sure it’s not may party and sure I didn’t plan anything or even blow up the balloons, but I’ll be taking away a small piece of cake and saying thank you all for looking!

It is so great to have instant affirmation of your work and I am so happy to be doing something I love and have wanted to do since I was a teenage. I have jumped in with both feet and with the support from family, friends and everyone who has contributed to my veiw count. Thank you so much! Now

I’m off to take cake from a baby!


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