Story Teller

I have been waiting all summer for the rain! Crazy, I know but it sure make my photos come alive! I woke up this morning to a rainy, grey sky and my mind started working. Just about that time my makeup artist Sara texted to see if we were doing a shoot today. Mondays and Wednesdays are normally the days we do TFP {Talent for Photos} where we work with models and collaborate on small personal projects to pad our portfolios. I quickly posted the theme of the day on my private Facebook page and right away got the models I needed. In this case it was Jessi and Amanda two models we have worked with before and I love to shoot. A quick trip to Value Village and then to Sara’s for makeup.

I met them downtown just before six and we were off and running. Jessi looked just as I imagined & Amanda still possessed that classic jaw-line and Sara made her look just hard enough. When I got home I realized the images could not stand alone, the storyline we set out to capture was very strong and I knew that it would work for the Rock Moran project I had been working on. Rock and I have been collaborating for close to a year now, well thats when I first started putting images to his music. (Been a bit slower during the summer)

Everything came together and now we have our latest installment. This is why I shoot to tell stories, sometimes its with one image and when things go really well and the theme is strong and the team is focused its turns into this!


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