How To Ensure Trade Show Stand Visitors Remember Your Company By Chris Harmen

Many visitors to trade show displays are overwhelmed. There can be more than 100 different exhibitors and many attendees walk from one trade show stand to another collecting promotional brochures, business cards and small giveaways. When they get back to the office and start going through all their information, how can you make sure they remember your company amongst all the others?

Professional Trade Show Displays Always Get Noticed

One of the easiest ways to create an impression is with professionally designed booths. If your graphics are looking sad, faded or torn, have them replaced. If you don’t have the money to replace the entire exhibit, consider updating it with smaller elements such as a banner stands and tabletop displays.

Hand Out Unique Business Cards To Trade Show Stand Visitors

A unique business card is an excellent way to get companies to remember your trade show booths. While you want your card to stand out, don’t make it larger or smaller than traditional business cards. Doing this is a sure way to get your contact information thrown away, because people likely won’t keep it if it doesn’t fit in their wallet. Another thing to avoid is a texture that can’t be written on. Many attendees like to jot down short notes and if your card has a slick surface, the ink might not last.

Instead, use features like photos and die cuts to make your information stand out. Also, make sure that your contact information is bold and include a catchy key phrase that tells clients exactly what your company does. After all, after visiting hundreds of trade show booths, you’ll want customers to remember your service once they’re back in the office.

Use A Promotional Model

While many people think of promotional models for car exhibits, they can be successfully used alongside your trade show displays. A model can hand out samples, direct people to your display and even simply just walk around in your company T-shirts. These models are specially trained to be professional and friendly and the modeling agency can help you choose models that fit your company, the exhibit and the venue.

Find A Good Giveaway

A good giveaway is a great way to help people remember your business. Most businesses give away some type of product, such as pens, note pads and USB drives with their company name and contact information, but a large giveaway can attract attention. Consider giving away a big prize such as a sought-after tablet computer, cash or even one of your products. Giveaways can be handled in a number of ways, but most businesses choose to give the product away at the event. This eliminates shipping hassles and lets everyone know that you’re offering a legitimate giveaway.

Keeping your company’s name in the forefront of event attendees’ minds is the goal of any event. Using these tips can help get your exhibit noticed, whether you’re one of just a few other displays or one in one hundred others.

About the author

Chris Harmen is a writer for Skyline St. Louis, a company that helps customers with Saint Louis trade show displays. The company can help customers with everything regarding a Saint Louis trade show stand. from

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