Finding the Right Face for Geoff!

We all have those days when we look into the mirror and don’t recognize the face looking back at us. Now in a typical week which one of those faces would you like to represent your company. For many people I work with, they are their product. Models, musicians, composers, writers and videographers like Geoff Edwards of streamworks.

Like most of the individuals I work with, Geoff contacted me as he was getting ready to launch his new website (yet to be launched). Geoff did a couple of things well. He called me before the website was finished which makes things easier for the website guys. Geoff isn’t asking them to incorporate photos two weeks after they put the job to bed.  He also sent me a screen shot of the website, this gave me an idea of where Geoff was headed artistically with his site. It’s like decorating a room I can pull out details that I feel we can incorporate into the shoots, colors, shapes, style, props and locations. When I saw the image I knew where I wanted to shoot.

Its a old building in the downtown core and I have always loved the curve on the one side.

The location worked well as Geoff was asking for a similar feel. Another thing Geoff did well was he anticipated the usefulness of the tools of his trade. He made sure to bring some props that weren’t to cumbersome and could help tell the story.

The rest was up to my team, we somehow had to find the right look and feel and capture the right face of Geoff. With Geoff, we were looking for the one face that would say “Hi I’m Geoff , tell me every secret you ever had”.  I’m pretty sure we managed to do just that. After all who wouldn’t want to have a guy with such beautiful eyes sticking a microphone or camera into your face!

(These are images from the shoot that I liked as I write this Geoff has not seen them,. The images he chooses for the website maybe completely different.) But look at those eyes!:)



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