Making My Eyes

At the first Valley Model Meet & Greet I met Erin, a photographer just starting out. Erin has been helping me ever since and sometimes just models for me. Erin and I have worked together enough now and she understands that in order to learn you need to ask questions. Erin & I had just shot earlier that day and she was looking at the shots  online when she asked me how I managed to change her eye colors. I told her I would put up this demo. enjoy.

This is Erin, for this demo I will only adjust the left eye. When you try this, work on both eyes at the same time, as not to have eyes that look completely detached fro each other. I will use the following brushes: Dodge(lighten), Definition, Saturation, Tint and Vibrancy.

The first task is simple select the Dodge Brush and set the size just smaller than the largest part of the pupil. Then carefully lighten the white parts of the eyes, without touching the eyelid or pupil. This is easier if yon have the “Detect Edges” selected. Once I have brushed the area I needed, I use the Dodge slider highlighted in the Adjustments bar to add or detract the amount desired. At this time I boost a little higher than needed just so I can apply the next steps easier and then I back the dodging off.

At this point select the Definition Brush and set the size just larger that the eye. Spend time to go through the center of the eye as well as the eye lashes. Careful on anyone with laugh lines under the eyes as this will enhance those.

I generally move to the Vibrancy Brush next and just work on the pupil (center of the eye) again moving to the Vibrancy slider and boosting it to 100%..

The next few steps are both optional as you may achieve the result you are looking for. I often don’t need them but as I may just want to enhance the natural color of the eyes.

You can add the Saturation brush just around the centre of the eye and the same thing with the Tint brush. The Tint brush slider will actually be the tool that changes the color of the eyes but it is a personal choice and I encourage you to play around and find what you like.

Once the Tint and the Saturation has been set the last step is to adjust the Dodge to the desired level and eliminate the glow in the dark night-creature look.

The last step is to Dodge the skin at 50% strength to equalize the skin tone with the white of the eyes. I start my adjustments on the yes and then add the other editing features like presets, vignette and blur. Any other editing done after will still eaffect the eyes so work cautiously and keep checking the eyes as you go.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this demo and or a frequest for and other technique I may use.


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