Say Yes! to trashing the dress!

Since the first time I saw a trash the dress shoot I was intrigued! I wondered how those ladies came to the conclusion that they would destroy their dresses. After all these were wedding and prom dresses worth hundreds and even thousands. Well I have now come to understand that there as many different reasons as there are necklines. Some realize that there dresses will truly never be worn by anyone else and see no reason to hang on to it. Others have found the dresses heavily discounted because of stains or rips or small imperfections and purchased them for costumes. By far the best reason I have heard was the young lady who contacted me and said that she was now getting married a second time and wanted to celebrate the new wedding by destroying the dress from the last. She said this with most amusing little grin. At that point I stopped asking why, I just said How?

The common answers are mud, fire, water, scissors, knives and even paint. Ladies want to climb trees, ride horses, motorcycles, roll in paint and one even suggested paint-balling. Frankly I didn’t trust her with a gun! I have heard working on my car, feeding the animals in the barn, skateboarding and even sky-diving, regardless of the story it is always a release of some sort for everyone involved. From the ashes rises the Phoenix.

To see more and book your Trash The Dress Shoot go to my website


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