A River Runs Under it!

I was checking out one of the many photo pages last night, Benjamin Arthur’s Daily Photography Genre Challenge a photo submission site, when I noticed that the theme of the day. Each day the theme changes and week to week the Benjamin switches it up a bit so you always have to check back. Thursday of this week is CONCEPTUAL & ABSTRACT, right up my alley.

I have always been attracted to the abstract form and more so in nature. This challenge was something I could really sink my teeth into, the only thing is it created a bigger challenge for me. Which of the thousands of shots do I choose?

Long before I had the courage to shoot people again, after my 15 year hiatus , I shot stuff the didn’t talk back. Rocks, water, trees and flowers were my muses. It may seem strange but the road back to the human subject was quite a journey. I put down my cameras back in the nighties as I just didn’t feel the passion any more.

My friend, Tony had come up with a plan to subsidize our photography hobby/habit/addiction. We created a little company and allowed people to pay us for our services.  We produced a double poster calendar, of a body building friend and started to get work right away. We were very popular and shot a lot. Then it happened, one day I realized that I had been shooting for a long time and was now shooting so much that my main job was becoming secondary. It was a classic case of burnout, no ambition, the art form became a chore and I hit a creative wall. I continued to create graphically and with music so the balance was still there, but photography needed a break.

I spent years redefining  my focus and need for photography in my world, slowly creating small projects for myself. Now that digital was here the process became much more enjoyable. Countless hours in the bush, traveling to new destinations purely for the purpose of photography. Even on my honeymoon , I would get up at 4:30am to walk around Hawaii and capture with my point and shoot Sony, as my wife slept. I would return back to the timeshare at 9:00am just in time to wake her and go on with our day. (which usually meant going somewhere to take more pictures) The fourteen days on our honeymoon, I came home with 4 discs, with 400 shot on each. It only got worse a few years ago when my wife gave me the birthday present of a lifetime, my Nikon D90, my first digital SLR. Needless to say I have been intimate with the rock, trees and water.

I finely just threw a dart to pick the shot I submitted, you can see more on my website, just follow the link below.

River Ice


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