Great Advise for New Models

The 10 Things Every Model Should Know


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Modeling started off as a hobby and is now becoming a career for me. I get to travel and work some of the best photographers in the industry. However, when I first started modeling, it took a lot of determination. I started from the ground up and had to learn all the basics. Modeling is not the easiest thing to do. Its very competitive because everyone is trying to become a model. So for those that are aspiring models, here are the top ten things I have learned.

1.) Building a solid portfolio is very important. Your portfolio should show your range as model. For example, it should include a variety of styles from glamour, fashion, swimsuit, catalog etc.

2.) Always act professional at a photo shoot. You don’t want to gain a reputation as a difficult or unreliable model.

3.) I like to pick up magazines and look at the models poses. I can then practice these poses myself.

4.) Comp cards are a great thing to have and are often required at auditions.

5.) Join a networking website for models. It will give you an opportunity to meet and collaborate with photographers, makeup artists, fashion designers etc.

6.) Joining an agency will give you access to more jobs and can help you get establish as a model.

7.) Your skin is extremely important, so take good care of it. Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol.

8.) Develop a solid runway and work with a coach if needed.

9.) Studying models like Namoi Campbell, Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum, as help me become a better model.

10.) Never give up, no matter how much rejection you may encounter. One day you will get a yes!

Modeling is not a easy thing to do. After going to countless castings, I have come to realized this. No matter how hard it may be, I truly enjoy it. Some of the most famous models in the world , had to deal with the same problems. If they had given up, they never would have never obtain the level of success, that they have now. So I keep that in mind and stay focus on developing as a model.

I consider modeling to be an art form. Models are the ones that tell the story and create the image. Through modeling may not be something I will do forever, but for right now, I am enjoying every moment of it.

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