I’m Finished Playing in the Mud!

After an extended timeframe, 11 models and many trips to the river making buckets of mud, It’s Finished!. Done like “Mud” ..I think that might be a saying!

The point is that I was really looking at taking three or five models and shooting for a few hours.  The event turned into five separate shoots each time watching the river rise higher. I was still amazed at the level of conviction the models had for an idea, a concept that wasn’t theirs.

It was cold, I know! I stood in the water a few seconds. The mud and the sand getting everywhere. I was wearing a pair of jeans at an earlier shoot and I when to put the jeans on a few days later, half a cup of sand fell out of the cuffs that I had rolled up.

The response from models wanting to participate was much greater that I had ever believed it would be. They claimed it was an inner child thing “playing in the mud”. Others claimed it was sexy and hot, while still others found the inner beauty through the dirty faces. It became dramatic, its was fun and hard work and when it was all said and done I have images that I could not have plotted.

If you know one of the models who worked with me on this project, just know that they are crazy, amazing and deserve a heck of a lot more that I could give them. Would any of them do it again? I don’t think so, I think the big thing is that the camera doesn’t see the shivering, the goosebumps or hear the teeth chattering. I’ve heard my name in vain many times over the past month and I think I might have sold a bit of my soul in exchange for the images. I am glad it is finished though, I couldn’t put up with much more, I could see the moment each time a model realized that they hated me. It was subtle at first, the earlier models didn’t say much. As we went on with the shoots the models found there voices and they certainly understood who they were directing there aggression towards. All in all it was a great experience and I can’t wait for “FIRE” this fall!


2 thoughts on “I’m Finished Playing in the Mud!

  1. I like dirty girls! ;D
    I’ve seen some of your “dirty work” and I think you did these models justice. Excellent imagery and idea.
    That pic above looks better with the eyes blue but nicely subdued with the eyes gold.

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