It’s the little things!

I recently have had a few shoots with multiple models. I have started to understand the many differences between good models & great models. I have been working with models with various degrees of skill and expertise and the main thing the great models bring are the small, subtle things. Slight movements, tiny looks up or away from the camera. right hand placement the right hair balance, a sense of body in space. Of course they also bring great faces and bodies and fantastic attitudes, but I am a fan of simple.

As I said there are little things that make a bit difference in the way I can work or function with the a model. I tend to give direction when needed, it’s always about slight changes. I try not to clutter  things up by stopping and reposing. I will stop and repose when I feel I have exhausted all aspects of the current position. Until then I will have the model roll, move arms , legs, feet, and head. I’m not one who sees the big picture and then puts everything in place to make it happen. I do watch the model all the time though, I will see the model do something in-between shots when we stop for a repose or make up or hair fix. Thats when I will stop the fix  and place the model back into the position. Great models seem to have this sense of recall, they can put themselves right back to a spot they have been before. All this is great but if the model doesn’t bring a sense subtle and defined expressions, gestures  and movements, all the while still being very aware of the focus of the shoot. it means nothing.

I’m sure there are shooters out there who have great success at controlling every detail on a set. I tend to rely on flow, I choose a starting point and then let the mood form the direction and react and adjust accordingly. I find I work best in a partnership and although direction is essential it should not be the final aspect of any creative event. Each party evolved must bring something to take the event to another level and most of the time it’s something very small that makes the difference.

Just on a side note the one DON’T DO I have is very simple and has made a huge difference with the creative process as well as results of the final product. Don’t go drinking the night before. Its just a pain for everyone from the MUA to the Editor. the miracle should happen in the camera not in the post production. 🙂


One thought on “It’s the little things!

  1. I work very much the same way and have observed the same things in models. A natural model with confidence and camera charisma makes the photo shoot that much more enjoyable for both involved, makes things smoother. Don’t get me wrong though, all models (experienced and not) have their plus’s and their faults and I do enjoy helping a new model find her comfort zone – Just sayin’. Great blog Peter =) I can’t wait for the next Meet’n’Greet! =)

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