Models Killed My iPhone ( batteries)

Today I realized that my little corner if the world just got a little larger.
I was sitting watching my hockey team win last night and my iPhone started getting Facebook alerts. Now its not incoming for that to happen, uploading a popular photo during a busy time will create instant “like” alerts. I assumed that the alerts were hockey related and ignored them.

Then I realized it, these alerts were coming from photographers, models and makeup artists tagging, commenting and making photos if mine their profile photo. In the course if an hour I received  close to 150 alerts, each one also sent to my email. Why well I had posted some new shots from our group shoot on Sunday earlier and with a 5pm start in the game people were not looking at Facebook until after the game and then it seemed they all went at the same time. The end result one dead battery pronto!

I thought to myself what if I was in an emergency situation and needed to reserve my battery life for fear of blah blah! In reality I would not be. My 911 calls are for pizza!

Now I know everyone has a solution to help me prevent my iPhone from spazzing out again. But I now know I don’t want that to stop. I want to know when someone likes my work. What people think, feel and enjoy when they work with me. I like to know what  my friends are doing with there work and how I influence them. Yes it is awkward sometimes, but I don’t want to turn my alerts off. They are now apart of me daily routine. Check alerts when i wake up, read while preparing to have a shower ( sitting in the bathroom). Check when I get out of the shower! While making breakfast I have burnt the toast on more than one occasion. I have missed turnoffs while driving. Once just after putting my first video on youtube I sat secretly at a dinner party, with my phone in my lap, hidden by my napkin. I even have missed goals in some off the most exciting hockey game of my lifetime. I do know this when 12 models see my work for the first time and they want to share their thoughts, I want to be able to know and respond. I want to be able to communicate with clients right then! That’s what this new interweb thing is about isn’t. I will put up with the addictive little “bloing-bloing” and a little buzz! As Pavlovian as it is! After all an alert is just saying ” Honey, did you here what I said!” it just doesn’t want you to take out the trash. I am addicted, I will get help! But fir now, I’m good! And the goals that I miss in future Stanley Cup Finals, well I have an alert for that now too!

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