MUD Evolves. but I believe it was created!

Erin and I went to Tamihi Creek today to scout for the June VMM&G  on the 18th. It was also a great time to shoot. Erin was true sport, and put herself in the model role tis time. I took the chance to ask Erin to help me take some test shots for MUD.  She was all in and and I managed to grab the right moment and place and capture some of my best work to date. . . you go to my website to see the link

So here we are in June and I have yet to shoot the MUD project.The delay the last time was due to the make up artists having a sick child. That’s the problem with small town logistics, you can’t just call someone in, so we postponed.

It has actually worked in our favor. As a result of not having shot the Valley Model Meet & Greet took place prior to the shoot and we have defiantly picked up a few more participants. I have been inundated with Facebook requests, emails and texts messages asking to be involved. It doesn’t hurt that for four hours on Sunday the five of six models at the Meet & Greet and one of the make up artist were sharing the concept with everyone they met. 🙂 It’s almost like they are planning a party the way everyone gets so passionate about the shoot.  Oh and me I’ll get over it, so my last count I have 7 models and three shooters.


Additional: Heres a great look at Erin’s take on modeling in mud. While we were shooting I asked her how she was feeling all covered in mud, she smiled and told me this story of playing in mud during a family vacation. Her mom has posted some of those priceless photos here.
Thanks Erin


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