The day the sun came out!

It’s was suppose to rain! That’s what the report said! I had decided to take advantage of the circumstances by planning a rainy day shoot. The day before was spent in a texting frenzy with five models and the makeup artist. Some models I had not worked with before. The kicker is when you are doing something crazy like this anyone who is willing is in!! Beggars can’t be choosers!!! This was part of the issue at hand I had more vonunteers than time at one point.

Then the unthinkable, it did not rain!! I drove around in the morning looking for a large puddle, but could not find one. I thought maybe moving the shoot to the river but logistically that was too difficult and the banks of the river were way too high!

Off to Rona I go, two spray bottles one three gallon and one half gallon. This allowed me to make sure the surroundinng area was wet as well as create the rain needed.

Check out the shots 


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