next weeks theme shoot is “MUD”

Its seems more and more people are looking for unique adventures in portraits and photos.  On more than one occasion I have been approached by some seemingly reserved soft-spoken lass offering her services as a model and making a statement “I am open to anything”. Now that in itself can conjure up some wild visions in most of your heads I’m sure …regardless I ask them to tell me what they mean by “anything”. The many images they talk about do sometimes make me blush, but I try to be professional. (sometimes I have snickered, laughed and yes even spat my beer out in a fine mist will trying to stifle the words “Bloody Hell” )

I attribute the unabashed openness shown by these ladies to two things. trust and the times we live in. Yes blame it on the internet, it seems that the images of starlets and hunks, the transparent need for attention and the oneupmanship portrayed in todays movies, TV shows and reality based hits are setting a different level of comfort. (Disclaimer: I am not judging just acknowledging that there is a change in the air and it might be a good thing). In fact I have to say I do get a little smile across my face when I hear the many ways the models would like to be photographed. It was just a few years ago that I would be challenged  to get anyone to even consider having their photo taken with smeared makeup. The new world of thinking really does allow someone to completely dictate how they want to be shot and what level of comfort they have,and I say its about time.

I have been growing my list of models recently for my personal work and with that I have noticed this tendency at the end of each shoot. The models will start discussing what they want to do next almost as if I wasn’t there. The talk soon turns into requests and in a day or two I’m putting together a team and defining locations to develop these spinoff shoots. I assume they ask me to do them because they trust me and like the work I do, but lately I have noticed that when I ask for extreme work they are jumping at the chance. Cold winters day at the beach, ice cold river water, simulated rain, shower shoots the list goes on. I’m still thinking about the last shoot, when they are talking about the next two. I have heard this is the worst possible time to be a photographer as you are competing with every mother with a digital camera (a female photographers friends words not mine) But I think we are in one of the best times as the new level of respect and a new level of self confidence is allowing more  and more women to put themselves in front of the camera in a light that suits no one else but them. They might not be burning their bra, but they are posing in them and doing so proudly. One other reality came to light at my last shoot. A young model brought her mother with her and the mother and I had a chance to chat during the makeup time. Mom explained that she was reminded of a time when she was photographed. It turns out she was quite into bodybuilding at the time and a fine art photographer took some incredible shots of her in a mountainside  overlooking Kelowna. She said that she was so glad she had done it as she will always have those photos. To be seen in a different light or reinvent yourself if only in a image and to have that moment captured well that’s cool, isn’t it? I don’t know and don’t care why anyone wants to be apart of my personal work, I hope its to produce an image we will both be proud of. I’m just really glad that I have the talent around me “ready for anything”.

Next weeks the shoot is in “MUD” what does one wear in mud, I have no idea but it will be interesting. if you’d like to be one of the MUD models let me know by Saturday May 21, 2011. We might shoot as early as Monday but no later than Wednesday. Weather and Canucks pending. 🙂

Well the weather is looking great for this Friday, if you’re a duck or going to shoot a bunch of beauties in mud by a lake! 🙂 Can’t wait the models are really stepping up again.





3 thoughts on “next weeks theme shoot is “MUD”

  1. Well a couple hours before the shoot, the weather is great, no rain again.. overcast with sunny patches.. Time to load up the sprayers again. Still feeling the effects of my going away party last night but a good jolt of curry and a hot shower should do the trick. At this point I have 5 models traveling at 4pm to the sight and 2 more arriving later. The location has now been updated to Hick’s Lake which should proof interesting on a Friday.

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